Serena Williams Designed a New Hoodie for Meghan Markle

It’s a sweet tribute to her close friend. Serena Williams and Meghan Markle have been close friends for years. Serena was a guest at Meghan’s wedding to Prince Harry this year, and Meghan (along with Duchess Kate) cheered for Serena at Wimbledon after that. And now that Meghan is a part of the royal family, Williams has come up with the perfect gift for her friend.

People reports Williams designed a hoodie from her clothing line in honor of the Duchess of Sussex. It’s called, appropriately, the Royal Duchess Cropped Hoodie, and it retails for $90 on her website. (It also comes in blue.) “Designed by, and fit for, a queen,” the product’s description reads. Williams wore it in several Instagrams she posted with Nicki Minaj, whose latest album is called, fittingly, Queen. In an interview with the Today show, Williams said she has sent Meghan one of the hoodies, so there’s a chance a real royal is wearing the Royal hoodie.

Meghan and Williams first met at the Super Bowl in 2010, and have stayed close ever since. And Meghan’s new royal status hasn’t changed much about their relationship. “Our friendship is still exactly the same. We have always supported each other,” Williams said in July. “We’ve always had a wonderful friendship and every year for a couple years she comes out to Wimbledon, and has supported me. Now, she’s supporting me in a different role.”

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