How to Start Your Online Career

Are you feeling overwhelmed? Curious to step up? I got it. You are wondering where to get started. It’s normal. Most of the starters think the same way. Most of the starters think the same way. There is another question they always ask themselves. What am I suppose to offer to customers?

Thousands of Bloggers teach you where to get started, how they did it – And, how you can do it too. But very few of them go beyond that. It takes effort and courage to do that because the arrangement of seminars and training isn’t easy.

Blogging Expert Kulwant Nagi did it successfully and believed to train more people to make their living with Professional blogging under BloggingCage Training Program. The famous blogger and’s founder Darren Rowse has been seen attending seminars and hosting his training sessions. When you gather the audience who is interested in listening to you, they start to expect awesomeness from you.

Try to avoid one thing. Don’t make them off the hook. How can they go away? It can happen because of 3 reasons:

• You couldn’t deliver them well
• They expected something different
• You didn’t choose the right audience
• You might be looking for the rolling stone to get started with something online.

You probably be thinking that you’re not the expert yet, why am I telling you all this? Well, you would be, one day. If you want to. It’s true that you’re trying to figure out how to get started working online – And, I’m going to guide you for sure, but let’s don’t underestimate the value of training sessions and seminars.

You’d understand when you’ll get a dream job or the best client of your life on such an event. Are you ready? There might be more than a dozen options to turn yourself in into something amazing to work online, but we’re going to discuss a few.

Check these 5 Best Practices to Start Your Online Career!

1. Start Online Career as a Freelancer

Freelancing is a vast field. All you need is a will to get success in the freelancing field. Freelancing isn’t just a job, but it’s a lifestyle. Freelancers offer their specific services to the customers and get paid online. They work remotely and normally communicate via Skype, WhatsApp, Viber, and Google Hangout.

Why is it worth it? Because, freelancers live their lives the way they want to – and that’s the beauty of this field. Almost everyone knows about the freelancing websites like Elance, Freelancer, Upwork, etc. But, people don’t know how to get started and what to offer.

Mashable published an article about ‘Freelancing’ and shared the report of the Financial Times (UK) which states that there has been an increase in the number of freelancers by 12% between 2008 to 2011. The same article shared the growth rate of Elance jobs posting which shifted from 200,000 to 300,000 during Q1 of 2012 and Q1 of 2013.

BloggingCage’s this article on working from home might help you in coming across your next freelancing gig. When you would have decided to proceed with the freelancing career – All you would be finding the opportunities to grab, not the confirmations that either you should go with this or not. Mashable Job Board, Smashing Jobs, and Krop are the popular job boards for hiring freelancers or getting hired as a freelancer.

2. Turn into a Pro-Blogger

Want to pursue your online career dream? Blogging is my personal favorite online career. I’m here because I started blogging years back. The best thing about blogging is when you start it; you reach people. When you help the readers, you get popular. The more you help, the more you get popular.

There is a bundle of strategies that are required to make any blog go off the ground. From hosting your blog on a top web hosting service to learning how to setup the blog, choosing the blog niche to learning how to write that content…

It’s one hell of a process. But, it requires one thing: The Passion to Learn! If you got the passion, you could do it. Pro bloggers are those professional bloggers that make their living with blogging. It’s never easy. It won’t be. Let’s be realistic. The more you get involved in learning the professional approach, the more you find out how top bloggers do that. Turn to a pro blogger. Learn how to make money on your blog.

When you start digging out, you will find these five basic things to get success with your blogging:

1. Choosing the Right Audience
2. Deliver the Value
3. Create Helpful Content
4. Engage Readers on the Blog and Social Media
5. Use Professional and Paid Products

It takes years and years to finally understand these 5 points and most importantly the practical implementation would take your further. When you turn into a Problogger, you don’t only write your blog to make money, but it opens more ways. You might be writing for other blogs to get paid…

But first things first, you need to have an authority that won’t be possible without a successful blog (of your own). I’m not the alone who emphasizes on a personal blog. Don’t you believe me? 1stWebDesigner published an article about freelancing success tips, and it seems that they also agree with me. Besides your own blog, you can try to get some freelance writing jobs on Problogger Jobs Board and Fiverr. Not only will these jobs give you some confidence to work in the field, but also make your skills polished when you meet the new standards of the clients.

3. Become an Online Marketer

Online Marketing is a vast field to digest. It becomes a way of life if someone turns to a fulltime online marketer. As far as an online career is concerned, an online marketer is an individual who markets a product or some products using different mediums for selling. An online marketer normally promotes a product or service to earn a commission.

The interesting thing is anyone who promotes a product to earn commission can be an online marketer. A blogger runs an Affiliate Marketing campaign to promote few products, he would be called an online marketer. A Social media activist promotes a product through his social media channels, he would also be considered as an online marketer. The intent matters, not the channel.

Companies use different affiliate marketing services like ShareaSale, Commission Junction, JVZOO and many others to promote their products. Online Marketers join such networks as publishers or affiliate marketers to promote those products and earn a commission. Enough with promoting others’ products. You might want to be your own boss. The Internet is full of great examples. Selling courses, Ebooks, Videos, Audios are great options to figure out how to get started.

Darren Rowse offers a list of Ebook on his Digital Photography School website. It’s a photography portal with a blog and other resources for photography enthusiasts. James Clear is a popular blogger. He blogs about perception, habits, and entrepreneurship. He also sells his Ebooks through his blog. Gumroad is a fantastic solution for online selling. It’s one of the emerging services for digital selling management. Similarly, E-Junkie is a popular name in the ecommerce and digital selling industry. Many bloggers and online retailers use this service to sell their digital products.

4. Offer service as a Digital Marketing Expert

Digital Marketing is a demanding line. One needs to be highly experienced and determined for this kind of service. Digital Marketing Experts are supposed to create, manage, and alter the online advertising, outreach programs, and online marketing campaigns for employers or clients.

Digital Marketing doesn’t revolve around Google Adwords and Facebook Ads only – These are just the mainstream advertising options to be utilized. A digital marketing expert does what it takes to make any product reachable to the desired audience. For instance, an app startup might not consider Google Adwords Program, it might go for Facebook Ads to directly target mobile audience or consider Admob Network of Google to reach the mobile audience. Being a digital marketer you have to come across every new and latest technology in the marketing field to get to know further in order to use in the future.

5. Step up as an Entrepreneur

One of the perks of pursuing with an online career is making yourself an entrepreneur. An entrepreneur not only brings new ideas to life but also creates a solution for the others. Brian Clarke of Copyblogger kept on adding the products to his fold to become one of the successful online entrepreneurs. He launched Copyblogger initially which became a copywriting and online marketing benchmark. After that, he launched Synthesis, StudioPress, and then RainMaker born under the same umbrella.

Noah Kagan of SumoMe was fired from Facebook, and then he went on an entrepreneurial journey. Now he is one of the successful online entrepreneurs who launched their online products and got huge success. Online fields are boundless.

Once you enter the space and start exploring the fields, you will realize that fields are limitless. Someone creates an innovative idea to solve a particular problem, sooner or later people start realizing that they need that service. For those who aren’t in any way associated with online businesses, then they might need to know where to get started. If you’re a fresh high-school graduate and stumbled upon this article, you might be interested to pursue your career in online business. The way to do that is to choose the basic IT field, then in every field you’ll explore the bundle of opportunities.

Look, opportunities never come, they need to be found. So, start looking. Once you find out which IT field you want to join, the next part becomes easier because it will be you who will be exploring the online business ideas for yourself.

Those IT fields are:

• Web Development
• Software Development
• Content Writing
• Graphic Designing
• Search Engine Optimization
• Social Media Marketing
• Your Turn

I need to know just one thing. Are you a little bit clear about your entrepreneurial spirit? I wasn’t teaching you how to start an online career. Because I can’t. I can’t read your mind. It’s you who wants it. I just shared some of the ideas to start thinking. I jolted you to do that. Next part is yours. Would you start thinking about your Online Career?

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